Lesotho Rugby Academy team grows

We are delighted to be able to introduce our new team for 2019. Coach Roy will now be supported by a number of additional coaches to deliver our expanded programme in 2019, thanks to the generous support of Atlas Foundation and Harlequins Foundation.

It’s fantastic to see so many women joining the team. Lesotho continues to be a shining example of how sport, and rugby in particular, can support gender equality.


Thato Vanessa Liphata

Thato first learned rugby under the LRA programme in 2014 and plays for the Maseru Warriors. She was the first female volunteer coach and Women’s League Director. Thato loves using rugby to teach children to believe in themselves, and be proud of who they are.


Makopano Copper Sennanyane

Copper joined the women’s Maseru Warriors in April 2018 and developed an instant passion for rugby. She has delivered sessions for LRA in HIV, alcohol abuse and healthy diets. Copper always introduces improvised dancing and singing into her lessons.


Palesa Emely Pitso

Palesa (“Rose”) started rugby in 2015, and currently plays front row in the women’s league with the Maseru Warriors. Rose loves it when the school children chant “rugby! rugby! rugby!” and run towards the car when the LRA coaches arrive.


Grace Ts’episo Raphepheng

Tsepi has been playing rugby for five years, at first for her school and now for the Maseru Warriors. Tsepi says her whole life changed for the good when she discovered rugby., at a time when she had nothing. Her goal now is to offer other children the same experience and opportunity.


Molefi Qejoang

Molefi used to think rugby was just for big men, until Coach Roy and the academy visited his school in 2014. Since then he has joined the Maseru Warriors, and loves teaching the LRA children. One of his favourite drills is the boys versus girls relay, as you never know which team is going to win!


Welcome to the family guys!

Dan Aylward