Supporting the grassroots


The Lesotho Rugby Academy tackles social problems in Lesotho through a 10 week rugby programme, delivered to young boys and girls in the poorest and most vulnerable areas across the country.

In 2019, we will also be launching the Atlas All Schools - Lesotho programme, which will work with selected high-schools throughout the year.

Through the fun, teamwork and discipline of rugby, children are taught important life skills, including gender equality, good nutrition, how to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS, and how to live a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

The programme is delivered by Dolen Cymru: The Wales Lesotho Link, in partnership with the Atlas Foundation.

The aim of the charity is simple:

1)      To support and educate vulnerable children and adolescents through open group sessions;

2)      To share our enthusiasm for a sport that provides inspiration, focus and a support network, in a country with few opportunities for young people.

3)      To produce a top quality future generation of Lesotho rugby players, and to truly place Lesotho rugby on the southern African map.

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